Accounting and bookkeeping

Legal persons
Representative offices of foreign companies
Non-profit organizations

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Financial statement audit
Statutory audit
Operational audit
Financial statement examination
EU project audit

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Tax consulting

Profit tax
Income tax
Value added tax

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Financial analyses

Development of investment studies
Business plans
Due diligence
Transfer pricing

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Bradara d.o.o. for auditing was established in December 1992. Based on many years of work experience, we provide professional services to entrepreneurs, accompany and support them in their work and progress. We handle business diligently and objectively, with mandatory confidentiality of all collected information.

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Business operations

Capital and entrepreneurial initiative are at the centre of economic relations. Entrepreneurs must find the best way to merge capital and entrepreneurial initiative. Simultaneously with this problem, there is a need of efficient support which we, as a team of experts, provide. ?Entrepreneurs, business partners and authorities are all interested in carrying out business the right way.

There is a chance of mistakes and violation of regulations in business operations. Those are the reasons why it is necessary to perform operational audits and promptly analyse the situation at hand. We are your ideal advisor and firm support in such situations.

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